Rosemarie Schiller

Smoke-Fired Clay Works


My smoke-fired clay figures and assemblages are an exploration of inner space, the human spirit and its constant transformation in the passing flow of time.

Working with a soft, breakable material like clay has its unique merits. As with anything in life, the most intriguing part begins when the clay’s (and my own) limits are touched and boundaries pushed.

My work goes through a number of stages. In its final test it has to pass through an outdoor smoke fire. What emerges from the ashes is transformed: the piece’s older, wiser self appears. Passing through time the fire freed its dormant spirit.


As woman and artist I know about fragility and endurance.
As traveler I meet deep human connectedness and disconnectedness.
One thing so far I know for sure being alive is constant transformation.
Looking up at the night sky I stand firmly on the ground.
My feet are deeply rooted in nature.